Film Is Fun

I just started up a Tumblr with some recent photos I’ve been shooting. Got my hands on an old Canon AE-1 35mm camera and have been going to town. Check it out: 


No Smoke

Here is a “No Smoking” sign I designed as part of a new restaurant identity project I’ve been working on. Very excited to show off the rest soon!


DAY JOB magazine Kickstarter

DAY JOB Kickstarter

The Kickstarter page for issue #1 of DAY JOB magazine is live. Check out the website here for updates and go contribute!


Thesis Exploration No. 1

Here is part of an experiment I did as a way to explore topics surrounding my thesis. Keep it fun.


Time for an Update


It was way past due for an update around here. School has definitely gotten the best of me this past year, but I currently have more work than ever that I’m excited to share. Expect many more projects and changes in the days to come.