Jigsaw is the production company of the Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, known for his gripping and insightful documentaries Taxi to the Dark SideEnron: The Smartest Guys in the RoomWe Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks, and most recently, The Armstrong Lie, about Lance Armstrong. The new identity for Jigsaw uses dynamic typography to convey the director’s hard-hitting yet balanced approach. This project was completed at Pentagram under partner-in-charge and designer, Emily Oberman.

A new graphic identity for one of my favorite Brooklyn restaurants, Roebling Tea Room. The dinner menu changes every night depending on what is fresh and available at that time of year. We wanted to reflect the spontaneity and ever-changing nature of the kitchen in the menus themselves. We printed 8 different patterns in matte gold, in a range of sizes, to be mixed and matched each night to create different variations. I also designed postcards, matchbooks, and coasters that collage contrasting images and patterns together, creating a diverse graphic language for the restaurant.

Day Job is a publication for anyone who has ever had a job they’ve loved, a job they’ve hated, a life-long calling or a way to make an easy buck. In short, it’s about work, a celebration of the everyday ways in which we spend our time and energy. As the inimitable Studs Terkel describes working, “It’s about a search, too, for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash.”

I created Day Job magazine as a way to explore work culture and the commonalities between our working lives. Concept, creative direction and design. Much editing help and support from Ben Dolson, Daniel Payne, Kristen Scharold, Jason Rider and Julie Lasky. Huge thanks to all of the amazingly talented contributors and all of people that helped support the project on Kickstarter. Buy issue #1. More to come!

A 12-page tabloid newspaper to promote the first issue of DAY JOB magazine.

DFA (Design Form Architecture) is a multi-disciplinary architecture firm based in New York. Their work covers a range of institutional, commercial, and residential projects, including work for Lincoln Center, Design Within Reach, and Robert Rodriguez. I created a bold, utilitarian identity system for the firm—one color and one typeface. This simple, confident approach creates a distinctive yet highly-functional identity for the firm.

Identity and website for a restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Created in collaboration with the inimitable Jess Yan. Illustrations by the one and only Scott Lenhardt.

A series of t-shirts designed for Fab.com with my friend Alex Stikeleather. We collaborated under the name Friends & Friends. Expect more fun things to come of that soon. In the meantime, buy one of the shirts here.

Friends & Friends is a design collaboration between me and my friend Alex Stikeleather. We create limited-quantity shirts, prints and accessories. Our first line of t-shirts we’re designed for Fab.com.

Wedding invitations for an old friend. Every piece was individually hand-stamped and each invitation included a custom bar coaster.

Self-promotional poster series. Set of five posters.

The final project for Stefan Sagmeister’s class “Can Design Touch Someone’s Heart?”

Photographic Series and video. Features screen printing, embroidery, brass engraving, and etching.

View the video here.

7-inch cover for the first Loose Manner E.P.

Ink + Water + Film

Check out the songs here: http://loosemanner.bandcamp.com/

Here is the launch page for a publishing company I’m starting with trained thinker and friend Casey Courtney. We will be making and selling books, prints, etc. Stay tuned for more info.


Final project for Gail Anderson’s “Just Type” class. We had to produce a motion graphics video using After Effects. The video had to be set to music, black and white, and strictly typographic.

I chose to base my project on the idea of “a perfect day.” I asked dozens of people to answer the question “What is your perfect day?” Each answer was written on a dry erase board. I then animated each board using stop motion. The idea was to highlight the uniqueness and variety of the different responses by placing emphasis on how each individual chose to visually compose their response.

Special thanks to my fellow SVA classmates for their participation in this project.

An experiment completed for Milton Glasers “Design Intentions” course. The phrase was printed as small as possible (under 1pt) and mounted to a glass slide. A microscope is required to view the final results.